Scaled Location Charts

  • Use powerful drawing tools to place symbols and objects based on distance coordinates
  • Use a symbol library to easily prepare scheme drawing diagrams
  • Import existing route-diagrams directly into the chart and scale them to size automatically
  • One chart has everything you need:
    • Split the chart into multiple sections so you can display more information
    • Clearly show the different stages of construction
    • Include detailed drawings with site plans
    • Show resource usage (plant, people and materials)

Resource and Cost Planning

  • Reduce risk by integrating cost, quantity and performance planning
  • Calculate task duration from the working speed (performance) and the distance or from work quantity and performance
  • Calculate resource utilization using quantities or time with flexible calculation models
  • Create quantity and cost charts to show time-specific and absolute resource requirements over the duration of a project
  • Compare costs and income to show project profit
  • Compare values with a project baseline or use other project profiles
  • Calculate costs based on resource usage

Customizable Views

  • Define project, scale, site plan and chart areas, and use them to create customizable project views showing common data in different ways
  • Set axis orientation and direction individually for each cell
  • Integrate Gantt diagrams, time and location diagrams, cost and resource diagrams, and spatial information to one comprehensive chart

Mass Haul Data and Diagrams

  • Create different types of material such as cut, fill and disposal
  • Enter or import different cut/fill locations and quantities
  • Create tasks based on quantity and productivity for each cut/fill movement to quickly build a schedule
  • Display consumption graphs based on location or time

Progress Tracking

  • Update projects regularly and monitor actual progress against the original plan
  • Progress tasks by location as well as by time and completion percentage attained
  • Baseline and compare the original plan to current project progress to detect variances immediately and compensate for them in real-time
  • Instantly update the current project status and calculate new deadlines with reference to the reporting date
  • Calculate earned value measures for tasks and sub-projects
  • Display distance progress as a distance Gantt chart