Trimble TILOS develops methods and tools to make the planning of linear and repetitive work more efficient.

The TILOS solutions improves the integration of location constraints in scheduling via the critical path method (CPM). Integration with other project management systems plays a major part in the development, allowing users to retain their established company standards while using the premium solution for linear planning.

  • No other project management system gives you greater power to plan linear projects.
  • Construction site geometry, schedules, resources and costs in a single plan help to foresee and avoid expensive pitfalls in order to achieve your desired targets.

The development of Time-Location System (TILOS) began in 1998 as a joint effort of two leading construction companies at the time. The goal was to enable the effective planning and control of linear projects such as road, tunnels and track building projects by extending Gantt chart-based project planning to time-distance diagram planning.

Due to the major success in Germany, a global distribution network was developed TILOS is the software of choice for large international infrastructure projects: The top ten European construction companies all use TILOS.

On March 5, 2015 Trimble acquired TILOS to be integrated into the Civil Engineering and Construction division’s product portfolio.